Sunday, July 1, 2012

Wellness challenge

I just signed up for a 30-day "wellness challenge" (i.e., opportunity to win prizes on the Internet). I figured it would be a breeze for me because I'm already so darn well, but reading the list of forbidden foods and substances, it appears I've just agreed to give up potatoes for a month. (And maybe soap?) Nooooo!

Today was better than yesterday. I got some work done, got some cooking done, got some reading done, went to church, and went to yoga. I was feeling so good after yoga (and 45 minutes of chatting with people afterward) that I decided to run on the treadmill some, just for fun. I ran really fast for five one-minute intervals, with walking in between. It used to be that, if I hadn't run for months, any running would be a miserable ordeal involving pain and gasping. This felt kind of awesome, though. It is possible I did one too many. The last one at (9 mph) involved some fairly serious gasping. And nearly some hurling.

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