Monday, July 2, 2012

The weight-loss marathon

I can't help but keep checking Facebook to see how my calorie-counting comrades are doing on the lose-a-marathon weight-loss challenge. This week's theme is "healthy snacking," which actually made me want to smack the keyboard right into my face, because as we all know it's a myth that it's a good idea to eat every two to three hours. (Yes, it keeps your blood sugar steady—steadily elevated! The insulin never stops flowing.)

But you know me, never one to be confrontational. Instead, I'm cheerily contributing to the supportive atmosphere (which is actually the one thing I'm enjoying about this Facebook group) by congratulating people on their successes and posting helpful articles that the group might find interesting. I just posted a link about how conventional wisdom on frequent snacking is perhaps counterproductive. A gentle nudge toward reality.

Meanwhile, my official weigh-in shows that I've lost one pound in two weeks. It's probably good that I'm stepping away from the potatoes this month—and I think dairy, too—because it would be really embarrassing not to meet my puny five-pound goal.

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