Saturday, July 14, 2012

Yoga at the zoo

Our gym has started offering Saturday morning yoga classes at the zoo while the weather holds, so Dex and I went to one this morning. The yoga was nice, but the best part was afterward—we got to walk around the zoo an hour before it opened.

You have to understand, our little zoo is like most others in that usually you don't get to see the animals do much more than sleep in their enclosures. But it's unlike most others in that there are only a handful of animals to begin with. So, while it's scenic and a nice place for a walk, the actual animals are not usually a big draw.

Today, though, we saw river otters frolicking. We saw wolves frolicking. We saw tigers frolicking. And we saw grizzly bears frolicking—actually wrestling each other in and around a little pond just feet from the fence. And we enjoyed most of this frolicking free of children screeching and their parents making inane comments. Best ZooMontana experience ever, hands down.


  1. Most zoo animals are typically active from about 6-10:30 a.m., and then again when the visitors leave. Can hardly blame them, of they're able to hear the screaming. Aimals who have more soundproofed enclosures will continue to be active all morning. Everybody has a siesta around noon, and a lot of training sessions are timed in the afternoon to give the animals an activity bump for the benefit of later visitors.

  2. We were there from 9 to 10:30, with the zoo opening at 10 and the screaming commencing at 10:01.

    WHY the parents stand there saying, "Look, Colton! The wolf is looking at you!" instead of, "Quiet, Colton, you're disturbing the animals and everyone around you" is beyond me.