Saturday, July 21, 2012

Who's exhausted?

Hoo boy, swim meets take a lot out of you. Mik swam in the morning session, and it was so hot and oppressive in the pool that I got worn out just cheering for him. Then we had some lunch and went back for the afternoon session, so he could be hot and miserable watching me. (The remainder of the family is on an outdoor climbing trip in Wyoming and will probably come home exhausted from that.) If I had been smarter, I would have waited to do this until the boy was 13, so we could at least swim at the same time.

So when I was signing up for this meet, I thought it would be hilarious to enter my actual best time in the 200 free, since I remembered it well from Big Tens 1990. I neglected to think ahead to the moment when I would be seeded in the middle of the fastest heat, surrounded by a bunch of 17-year-old boys capable of actually swimming a 1:56.00. So very not hilarious! More or less the same thing happened in the 400 IM, though at least that was through no fault of my own—it was just that the only people swimming it were the studmuffins and me.

Tomorrow is the 100 IM and the 1,000 free. (Mik has the triathlon and three swimming events.) I'm kind of excited to do the IM. I noticed that the Big Sky State Games record for my age group is 1:22, which seems like a reasonable time to shoot for. In the meantime, I think I'll go lie down.

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