Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Gave it my best shot

Monday: 30 + 30 minutes sitting
Tuesday: 30 minutes sitting
Wednesday: 30 + 30 minutes sitting

A Facebook friend posted this today—I had seen it before, and you probably have, too, but it really struck a nerve. An absolute dump truck of work landed on me yesterday, along with a nasty complication caused by a software update, and I had barely scratched the surface of it before I melted down into whiny, tired, paralyzed, not-even-doing-her-second-meditation Julie and gave up.

(I should maybe add that even whiny, giving-up Julie was still fairly productive, because I ended up cooking a week’s worth of breakfast casserole and a pan of roasted carrots while I was having my mental meltdown. M.H. is at least as busy as I am, and I am trying to keep us both alive.)

Anyway, I’m going to throw a dart, start on whatever it hits, and get back to work.

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