Friday, November 1, 2019

Turn, turn, turn

Thursday: 30 minutes sitting
Friday: 30 + 20 minutes sitting

I am trying to be conscious about not starting five New Life Plans at once any more, in favor of doing just one thing and then actually doing it. (Here comes the but…)

But I figured out a while ago that one of the secrets of enjoying each season more is to change your habits to reflect what’s happening outdoors. I would actually like to do a lot more of this, but so far I have: In the summer I bask in the sun and don’t watch television and eat carbs/fruit. In the winter, I bask in the bathtub and watch TV and go keto.

I know there are two other seasons, but in Montana they’re not anything you can really plan your life around.

And since it’s November 1 and it was below zero this week and there’s snow on the ground, I think we’ve officially come to winter. I can’t watch TV until my big book project is done—and M.H. is going to want to wait until after NaNoWriMo—but I’m already in the process of changing up my diet. I’m probably going to have to start reading keto blogs again to help me remember what to eat.

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