Sunday, June 3, 2012

Baking soda brings freedom?

Here's the picture I printed out to bring to the stylist.
I had pretty much resigned myself to looking like a frizzball all summer long because, well, I always do. I've tried fighting if off with "product," but I'm really not a "product" kind of gal, and that stuff is expensive. I've tried shorter haircuts, but without any length to weigh down the frizz (or the curls), that usually backfires hilariously. I've tried to embrace the look, telling myself that God just made some people's hair naturally frizzy. My most recent attempt has been to wear my hair in a "messy ponytail," which helped contain the explosion somewhat but wasn't fooling anyone. It was a really damn messy ponytail.

But guess what? It turns out God didn't make me frizzy after all. I haven't used shampoo for two full weeks now, and my hair looks perfectly non-insane. It does have an oddly soft, heavier texture that I sort of associate with unwashed hair, but it doesn't actually look greasy or anything. This is probably what hair is supposed to feel like, but it might take some getting used to.

I'm thinking now about getting my hair cut short(ish), because it's hot, and I'm sick of the stupid ponytail, and I think my current hair could actually pull it off. I'm even thinking it could pull off (GASP) layers.

I'll post a picture if I do it, and you can compare my results to Jessica Alba's.

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