Sunday, June 17, 2012

I can prove it with math

I've been editing a giant book for Dopey. It's just over 700 pages, and they gave me seven days to do it—averaging out to a difficult but doable 100 pages per day.

Except they sort of forgot to send it when they were supposed to, and then I still had to spend one more day wrapping up some other work before I could get started, and then I was down to five days to finish 700 pages, or an average of 140 pages a day. That's reeeeeeally pushing it.

And then there was today. It was Father's Day, obviously, plus M.H. did another free download day for his book, which was a bit distracting in its sheer awesomeness. Also, I got re-riled on the feeding kids in schools issue and became aware of an awesome, must-read Guardian article on obesity and the food industry. So all told this weekend, I managed to edit only about 200 pages.

Now I have 500 pages to finish in three days, which is 166.67 pages per day, and the word I think you're looking for is "doomed."


  1. After reading the article my 1st question was 3st? My second question is how many pounds = 1 stone. The internet (bless it's ever helpful data base) 14 pounds = 1 stone. So WOW 42 pounds heavier!
    BTW, good luck on finishing your 500 pages.

  2. Ha ha, that was exactly what I did: 3st?…Oh, stones.…What's a stone?…Google.…Holy crap!

    And 80 stones is over 1,100 pounds. That's what it takes to be a medical marvel now.

  3. Ha! Well, I didn't read the whole thing or bother looking it up, I just assumed it was a lot. but wow. That's impressive and horrifying all at the same time.