Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Primal pancakes

Welp, I marked the momentous, emotional first anniversary of my Ironman yesterday by working from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. straight and forgetting completely all about it. Because that is how I roll.

It's OK because I had another momentous post in mind anyway. Inspired by my pancake-loving-yet-grain-free tween, I've figured out how to make KILLER primal pancakes. I invented these about two weeks ago and have been obsessively tweaking them to perfection ever since. (Apologies if you're a normal person who doesn't keep almond flour, coconut flour, and heavy cream lying around the house.) 

Mik says, "I used to be jealous of Dex because he could eat pancakes and I couldn't, but now he should be jealous of me because he's allergic to mine, and they are the bomb dot mom!"*

Primal Pancakes with Multiple Footnotes
1/2 cup almond flour**
2 T coconut flour
1/4 tsp salt
1/2 tsp baking powder
1/2 cup warm water***
2 T melted coconut oil****
2 T heavy cream*****
3 eggs******
1/2 tsp vanilla
1 T honey

Mix well and cook slowly on a greased griddle over very low heat (I set it to 200-250 degrees). These are a little trickier to flip than normal pancakes, so make them a bit small, but overall they hold up pretty well. Makes about 10-12.

* That is a lie, but only in the sense that I can't get "the bomb dot mom" to catch on in my house.
** I've heard that you don't want to buy the Bob's brand that you often see in grocery stores because it's too gritty. Mine is Honeyville brand, which I had to get online, and it seems to be fine. (M.H.'s reaction was, "THIS is what $40 worth of almond flour looks like?!")
*** The point of warm water is just to keep the coconut oil from solidifying.
**** Butter or or a light-tasting olive oil would probably work as well.
***** I'm sure you could just omit this without too much difference if you don't want to eat dairy.
****** You can go down to two eggs for a fluffier, thicker pancake, but Mik likes them crepe-y, and I like him to eat more eggs.


  1. Why couldn't he eat pancakes before? Also, I am excited about eating when we come to visit. Will you cook for us? I want to sample. :)

  2. Because Dexter's pancakes have wheat, sugar, and soy, and he's gone Paleo.

  3. So now you have a divided family and divided kitchen? Or is Dexter the only one who has not joined the Paleo program?

  4. Because of allergies, we've always had a divided kitchen! Dex has made some improvements to his diet, but no, he's not Paleo. Yet.

    To clarify: The whole family used to eat "Dex-safe" pancakes made with soy milk and canola oil. Three of us gave up that stuff, but we didn't start eating regular pancakes either, because they still have flour. So Dex was the only one eating pancakes, which he makes for himself about once a week. This recipe is one Mik can eat while staying Paleo, but Dex can't because of the eggs.

  5. And Christine, yes, I'd be happy to let you sample some stuff!