Friday, June 8, 2012

Better than Frosted Mini Wheats

I've been using my food processor to make these little balls of cashew butter with honey and cocoa powder, which look exactly like raw chocolate cookie dough and which the team has dubbed "chockie mountain oysters." Mik's eyes got huge when I offered him some, and he couldn't quite believe his good fortune that they were (essentially) Paleo. Dex has been scarfing them down as well, but it's all good. I put them in that category of "not actually that good for you, but a far sight better than Frosted Mini Wheats, so why not; they're kids." (Yes, in my brain, that is a category. Some other things that go in it are hashbrowns for breakfast every morning and juice popsicles for dessert every evening.)

Maybe you think it's an overreaction to demonize Frosted Mini Wheats as I frequently do, but they're so ridiculous. Gluten and sugar bombs marketed as a health food. And my kids used to eat them all day long. Pure evil!

I just got back from mixing up a new NATGFYBAFSBTFMWSWNTK recipe, "granola" bars made from a variety of nuts, held together with dates, coconut oil, honey, and unsweetened chocolate. It has to cool for two hours, but all signs (i.e., ample sampling) point to super tasty.

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