Saturday, February 9, 2013

An idea to steal

The other day, as I was skimming through the bajillion blogs I follow, a mention of pull-ups caught my eye. This guy wrote about how he had installed a pull-up bar at the top of his staircase, and every time he went downstairs he'd take a minute and do as many pull-ups as he could (he was up to six).

The post went on to explain how you could use "triggers" like that to maintain good habits, but I really didn't read on, since I was planning to steal the example outright.

We actually already owned a pull-up bar, the kind that you can slip into a doorframe. It's Dex's, but he hadn't been using it, so I installed it just outside my office. I figured I would just try to do a chin-up every time I walked by, and that would be better than nothing.

Turns out I'm not as far from being able to do a chin-up as I thought! (Note: "Chin-up" means your palms are facing toward you, and they're a lot easier than true pull-ups, which are with your palms facing away.) If I start with my feet flat on the floor, my elbows are already bent, and I found that I can—with some struggle—pull myself the rest of the way up. I guess I'll work toward being able to do a chin-up from a hang, and then work on pull-ups.

As a bonus, having the pull-up bar more visible has gotten the whole family interested in using it. It's fun for them to show me up.

P.S. Seven push-ups.


  1. and for those who can't quite do that ... you can also use a chair to START in the pull up position and lower yourself down.

  2. That's an awesome idea!! You could make the whole house an exercise obstacle course!

    1. Next I'll put a barbell by the teakettle so I can do squats while the water is boiling. :)