Friday, February 8, 2013

No matter where I start, it always comes back to nutrition

My mom offered to buy me a flute for my birthday, but my better judgment kicked in and I decided it wouldn't be such a bad idea to wait and see if I still want one in, like, September. I checked, though, and they aren't really all that expensive. And I could always resell it on eBay when the bloom is off the rose. IF. I mean IF the bloom goes off the rose. (And I think I might need to invest in lessons, too, if I want to keep that puppy blooming.)

Why a flute? Why any instrument? I swear it's not some learn-a-new-skill-in-your-old-age-to-keep-your-brain-alive thing. If I want to do that, I'll just brush my teeth with my left hand. I think it started last time we went to the symphony, and there were some haunting-sounding flute solos and some suh-weet piccolo high notes. And I thought, "I really wish I could do that." Plus, I'd be good at it, maybe. I swam a 50 free with no breathing the other day, so I know I have the lung capacity to go along with my extremely musical genes.

By the way, I'm skeptical that "keeping your brain fit" is actually all that helpful in preventing Alzheimer's. It would probably just mask the symptoms for a while longer, yes? This is how you actually prevent Alzheimer's.

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  1. You should see if you can find someone to trade flute lessons for swimming lessons! Seriously, lessons are hugely important, I think it's difficult to make progress without (even if you already know how to play other instruments). New learning projects are always good...