Sunday, February 3, 2013

First try at the brownies

Showing my usual restraint, I waited two whole days before trying to make Paleo baked goods again. But I did good! My brainstorm, brownies sweetened with dates and blueberries, was a fantastic first try, just not quite sweet enough. I think I'll make them again for my birthday with more dates (and 42 candles), and they should be perfect. Wait till you hear the secret ingredient. (The secret ingredient that's even weirder than blueberries, that is.)


  1. Dark sweet cherries? They are sweeter than blueberries and taste wonderful with chocolate.

  2. Ha—the second batch is in the oven, and I used some blueberries, some cherries. I kind of thought the blueberries tasted sweeter, but I agree about cherries going better with chocolate.