Friday, February 1, 2013

TGI February

Yay! The Whole30 is over! One set of self-imposed eating restrictions is giving way to another, slightly looser, set of self-imposed eating restrictions!

I celebrated by having a little cheese and a whole lot of Paleo orange scones, minus maple syrup. I was disappointed at first because the two tablespoons of sweetener turned out to be really not that optional. But then I ate a few more with thawed strawberries on top, and all was right with the world again. This recipe was a great find—really, it satisfies all the important elements of the sugar fantasy, without the actual sugar. Take that, tricksy brain!

We ate out only once in the month of January, and M.H. said he ended up with nearly $200 extra in the monthly "miscellaneous" budget that's getting moved to the "vacation" column. Happy dance! I'll tell you some other time about our fabulous vacation plans.

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  1. Maybe an extended trip to the West Coast after your cousin H's wedding?