Wednesday, February 13, 2013

How to hove a gad Valttimes dae

Just the other day I was telling my sister how downright easy it was getting to go without sugar, but I forgot the very important caveat: AS LONG AS NO ONE PUTS IT IN FRONT OF ME.

Today was the last day of school for the week, so of course Mik came home with a bunch of pink cookies and fun-sized candy and lollipops and (ooooh) conversation hearts. My mom, a first-grade teacher, also left us with her own bag of school goodies before jetting away for the weekend. (Mom, we threw out all your cards, but Daniel hops you hove a gad Valttimes dae.) The teacher treats were way more tempting—more of the nicer chocolates and stuff.

I knew holidays in general were going to be a challenge, but I plum forgot how much I adore goodies that are heart-shaped or come in heart-shaped boxes. That makes Valentine's Day probably the toughest holiday to get through, except that I just remembered how much I also particularly enjoy a certain egg-shaped chocolate confection. The Egg Which Will Remain Nameless.

Oh, well. I coped, if you want to know, by picking out some of the best chocolates and handing them over to M.H. to hide for me until January 2014. (Don't think I'll forget.) Plus I made more magic brownies and decided, as I was eating them, that my destiny probably lies in creating more delicious sugar-free Paleo treats and selling bajillions of cookbooks. Such genius should really not be wasted.

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  1. I'm so glad my valentine isn't eating chocolate and candies...makes my life so much easier. However, there are those displays at stores.