Friday, September 17, 2010


Thursday: Rest
Friday: Yoga, walk 1 mile
Saturday: Yoga

I'm feeling nice and rested and really, really eager to get started on my training program. My only reservation right now is a tiny bit of bummage that my yoga is probably going to suffer severely through all this. Yoga is clicking like crazy for me right now. I love it when I can do every single move in a class, and even do a bit more than what the class is doing (why just flop onto your stomach when you can float into plank and then lower yourself down gracefully?). That's why I'm so determined to keep at least a couple of classes in the weekly mix. It would be awesome if I could keep feeling this good as the running and biking volume builds up.

First up (because of all my schedule rearranging) is an 80-minute bike ride on Sunday. Should be a piece of cake unless my heart-rate monitor arrives in the mail before then and I find out that my normal riding pace is not nearly hard enough to qualify as aerobic—which is very likely, actually, now that I mention it.

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