Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Heart-rate shenanigans

Tuesday: Yoga
Wednesday: Run 2 miles, weights

I finally bought a new heart-rate monitor, but while I wait for it to be shipped, I decided to take my sad, lonely strap back to the gym and do another heart-rate-based workout with the friendly treadmill. Nice in theory, but the treadmill wasn't feeling friendly.

Everything was fine at first, and I was able to jog comfortably (but very, very slowly) while keeping my heart rate at 118. Then suddenly my heart rate dropped down to 80, and the treadmill incline shot up to 8%. Then my heart rate went down to 70, and then 65, and the incline went up to 10%, and then 11%. Gasp! Choke! Then the thing seemed to come to its senses and showed my heart rate up in the 140s, which it probably was, and the incline eased up, and soon I was fine again. So either something was interfering with the transmission, or I have a severe heart condition.

Anyway, this happened three times, so I guess I can just call it an interval workout.

Then I headed over to the weight area to try "The Exact Gym Workout to be Doing During Race Season" according to The workout has three main focuses, one of which is hip strength, and is designed to be a quickie gym session that will help prevent injury for triathletes. Seems perfect for me, and I'm going to try to work at least the hip stuff, and probably all of it, into my routine for the next, oh, 37 weeks. I know there's a limit to how much I'm going to want to ADD to the Ironman training schedule, but I promise this is it.

P.S. I decided to start Sunday instead of Monday to give myself the full 40 weeks to train. I like that nice, round, pregnancy-reminiscent number, especially since the prospect of turning 40 was kind of the impetus for this.

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