Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Reasons not to panic

Tuesday: Yoga, swim 2,400 yards
Wednesday: Rest

Reasons not to panic:
  • I'm thinking being so tired yesterday was a bit of a fluke; I'm actually feeling fine today.
  • My knee still feels a little tweaky, and it's popping like crazy, so I think something is probably going on there. I'm going to attempt to make a smart decision and skip my (puny, inconsequential, irrelevant) 40-minute bike ride tonight to give it a real good chance at healing up completely before it becomes even a hint of an actual problem. Tomorrow is a rest day, so that will help.
  • Trifuel.com is up again, and I've copied all the workouts into a Word file just in case the site ever crashes or the folks there decide to take them down. Peace of mind.
I really hate the thought of skipping a workout already, but like I said, I'm trying to be smart here, and I'd rather risk being undertrained than risk getting injured.

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