Saturday, September 25, 2010

Pulling my crap together

Saturday: Bike 40 minutes, run 45 minutes

A lot of yesterday's trauma has resolved itself, and I think I'm back to normal (i.e., sane). My current status:
  • A little sore where I hurt my groin muscle, but not limping, and on the mend.
  • A little tired from working out and then walking around a lot of the day, but not unreasonably so.
  • Allergic to stuff, and sniffing a lot, because it's fall, but not actually sick.
  • Still kicking myself over the heart-rate monitor stupidity, but thankful for a sweet friend who's going to lend me a decent one so I can get on with my life.
  • Able once again to laugh at life's small mishaps, for example when you're riding along and a BIRD ACTUALLY CRAPS ON YOUR LOWER LIP, MAKING YOU NEARLY RUN INTO A DITCH BECAUSE OF ALL THE ENSUING SPITTING AND WIPING-OFF.
  • Trying not to say "crap" so much in this blog, but seriously, can you believe the kind of crap that happens to me?
  • Glad to have finally finished Week One, and to have made up that bike ride I missed earlier in the week by dumping a swim instead.
So I'm pretty sure about this heart-rate monitor being a piece of crap (last time, sorry). For the warm-up on my run, I was supposed to work up gradually to 123 beats per minute. This is how it went:

OK, I'm at 100 bpm; I'll pick up the pace a little.
Uh-oh, I'm at 140 bpm, better walk for a second.
Oops, now I'm at 90, better jog.
Oops, now I'm at 150.
And so on.

I could never hold a steady heart rate for a single minute the entire run. Starting to think it might actually be a cardiac condition.

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