Monday, September 27, 2010

Week 2: Self preservation

Sunday: Bike 19 miles
Monday: Swim 1,800 yards, yoga

So hope dawns anew with Week 2 of training, and I decided it needs a theme, and that that theme should be "self preservation." By which I mean not just staying in one piece, but actually preserving my SELF…doing all this training and remaining Julie. As opposed to the anxious, selfish, frantic psychopath who has been inhabiting my skin lately.

I had to remind myself of my theme today when in yoga my wrist started hurting for no apparent reason. Solution: Don't worry. Don't try to power through. Do the things that don't hurt and skip the rest.

There. That wasn't so hard.

P.S. Swimming immediately before yoga leads to crazy hair, which is actually not at all at odds with the theme of the week since my hair borders on crazy all the time.

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