Monday, December 6, 2010


Sunday: Yoga
Monday: Rest

I was supposed to swim today, but I got a new big editing project with a deadline that's, um, tomorrow, so I think I'm glued to my desk for the rest of the night. It's fine. I was just talking with Dan the Physical Therapist this morning about the benefits of taking all these extra rest days I've got available to drop into my schedule. He thinks it's a great idea, and so do I, especially on days like this.

Speaking of Dan, just when I was starting to like the guy, he declared me healed from my calf strain and sent me packing, hopefully forever. I'm not so healed that I can jump right back into super-heavy mileage right away, but my calf does feel 100%. I'm just going to follow PT's orders for a few more weeks anyway and use the pool to finish any runs longer than an hour. Won't that be fun for me?

P.S. I did three cartwheels after yoga. Still needs work.

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