Thursday, December 9, 2010


Wednesday: Bike 16 miles, run 4½ miles, water run 40 minutes
Thursday: Bike 40 miles, run 3½ miles

The past two days have been a challenge, not least because it's almost impossible to find a three-hour block of time in which to do these longer workouts. Today, for example, I got up, wolfed down some breakfast, worked for an hour and a half to meet a deadline, ran downstairs to bike for two and a half hours, zipped over to the gym to run for 45 minutes, and then ran back to my desk again for a different project, which was mercifully late enough in arriving that I was able to squeeze in a shower first. (You're welcome.)

Of course, that moment when you stop moving is when it all comes crashing down. I just about fell asleep at my desk, deadline or no deadline, and my knees got so stiff and painful that I started worrying that I actually hurt myself. Again. (But let's assume not for now.)

I did make it downstairs for the tail end of dinner with the family, but now I'm back at my desk again, because, hey! More work tonight!

I do try not to whine, because all of this is a self-inflicted privilege, but it would be really neat if I could have some days that are not like this, like soon.

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