Saturday, December 18, 2010

The hardest part of my workout

Friday: Yoga, swim 2,350 yards
Saturday: Bike 17 miles, run 3.5 miles

This was one of those stereotypical days when I really didn't want to work out, but afterward I felt great. You'd think I'd learn to anticipate the feeling-great part and show a little more motivation on the front end, but it never seems to work that way.

I think one big reason is that a bike-run workout requires just a ridiculous amount of preparation before I even push Start on the timer. Here's what I have to do:
  • Copy the workouts down on a little card to take with me.
  • Pack up my gym bag with my keys, phone, and the clothes I want to wear for the day and set it by the door.
  • Get running clothes out and set them by the bike.
  • Find and put on my heart rate monitor.
  • Get dressed for the bike ride.
  • Get food and water for the bike ride.
  • Put on shoes, sweat band, and headphones; turn on the fan; and make sure everything I need is within arm's reach.
I'm actually getting better at the whole drill, but for a disorganized person like me, any one of those steps can take a disastrous turn (like finding my keys, say, or enough dry laundry) and the items I need are usually on three different levels of the house. The whole thing usually takes 20 minutes, plus at least 20 more just to psych myself up to get started.

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