Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Swimming goal

Sunday: Bike 20 miles, run 4 miles
Monday: Swim 3,300 yards, bike 16 miles
Tuesday: Run 5 miles, swim 1,800 yards

My 2010 mileage/yardage goals sort of became obsolete when I decided to do a June Ironman and started a formal training program. But it's still a big yay for me that today's swim pushed me over my goal for 2010 of 150,000 yards. (150,600! YAY FOR ME!) So far I'm 350 miles over my biking goal for the year, but I'm not going to make my running goal of 600 miles unless I can run 83 miles in the next three days. Still, 500 miles of running plus everything else adds up to a pretty good year.

Lately my kneecaps seem to be in collusion against me. One day the left one will hurt, the next day the right one will hurt. It doesn't feel serious, but the joints are popping a lot, and today the right one has a tiny sharp pain when I walk (but not when I run). I keep reminding myself that when it comes right down to it, there are only two steps to finishing the Ironman:
  1. Do all the training.
  2. Don't get injured.

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