Sunday, January 9, 2011


Saturday: Run 3 miles, bike 37 miles
Sunday: Yoga, run 5 miles

Thus weekend was some of the toughest training I have done yet, partly because I had to work it around my son's swim meet. It went like this: On Saturday, we got up at 5:45, drove an hour to the meet, were there for most of the day, and came home exhausted. I was pretty much ready to collapse. Only… yay! Time for my three-hour workout! I finished around 9:30, showered, ate, finally got in bed around 11 (it was a long shower) and then did it all again today.

I'm pleased I was able to get everything done, but next weekend we have to go to Idaho for three days for my son's rock climbing comp. I haven't figured out yet how I'm going to make that one work.

I'm really tired, and I think it's more than just being busy and not getting enough sleep. I think next time I try the massively-long-walk workout, I'll need to schedule an extra full day of rest along with it.

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