Thursday, January 6, 2011


Thursday: Bike 20 miles, water run 50 minutes

Let's take inventory after my long walk yesterday:

Head: Still pleased with itself and thinking four hours on the treadmill was a pretty good idea.
Neck: Fine
Back: Pretty sore. Walking did that??
Hips: Fine
Hamstrings: Fine
Quads: Fine
Knees: Fine
Calves: Fine
Shins: I have MUSCLES in my SHINS? Owwie owwie ow ow ow!
Ankles: Fine
Feet: Tender, aching, blistered, tiny bones actually snapping in two. TOTAL DISASTER.

So all in all, not too bad. Biking felt fine, but because of my ridiculously sore feet, and out of an abundance of caution, I decided that water would be a better place for a run than land today.


  1. Is this something that can be solved by shoes? Or better socks? Or doing a midway switch of socks? or something?

  2. First of all walking 14 miles on a treadmill? That's dedication. Good job! Curious to see how this works for you. I agree with the socks theory also walking will give you different friction points than running. I'm not sure what your Ironman run goal is but I would consider doing the run/walk workout. I saw many finishers do this at IMAZ.
    Keep up the good work!

  3. I should have given more thought to my feet before I started on this. Not only was I wearing a brand-new pair of shoes, but the socks I brought were not even my favorites and I had nothing to switch to when they got sweaty. Oh, and I should have put Body Glide on my feet, which I would definitely do in a race.

    As far as my run goal for IMCDA? Right now, just anything that gets me to the finish line under 17 hours, including an 8-hour walk if it comes to that. (I'm training my butt off so it doesn't come to that.)

  4. One other thought on this, my wife who is a very experienced runner in college, multi-marathon finisher reminded me that we never wear the shoes we run in for hiking, walking, shopping etc. the shoe will wear differently for running versus the other activities.
    Have a great training week! I did the same training plan so I'm anxious to see your result!