Monday, January 3, 2011

Déjà poo

Monday: Swim 3,400 yards, bike 16 miles

My formerly strained left soleus was perfectly fine after my run Sunday, but this afternoon, out of the blue, it started acting up again. It's either re-strained or sending out a very clear warning that it's about to be. I've been stretching and massaging like a woman possessed and may have to resort to water running again if it's not better by Wednesday. (It's probably just irritated that my day started so early this morning. I know I am.)

I didn't have to run today, but swimming felt choppy and achy and generally awful. Biking felt harder than it should have. (Despite the exciting addition of my brand new saddle! More on that when I'm not so tired.) Taking down the Christmas decorations felt like the second-to-last mile of the Ironman (I'd like to think the last mile would be more satisfying). Thank goodness I've made it to the next rest day.

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