Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The gym in January

Monday: Bike 23 miles, run 4 miles
Tuesday: Bike 17 miles, swim 3,300 yards

I read an article in the Wall Street Journal this morning about regular gym-goers being frustrated by all the newbies brought in by their New Year's resolutions. One lady said she couldn't stand how uncoordinated the new people were, that they would stand in front of her in yoga and wobble all over the place, causing her to lose her balance.

First off, that's just lame. And mean.

Secondly, really? I've always assumed that most people are too self-conscious to even notice my yoga moves, or my running speed, or how I look in my college-era T-shirt (usually pre-sweated through from a bike ride). Gee, I hope I'm not annoying anybody with the awkward way I use the foam roller.

And thirdly (and I'm slowly getting to my real point here), I love my job. I never have to worry about all the treadmills being taken, even in January, because I don't have to go to the gym before or after work, with all the crowds. I go during work. Or, technically, instead of work. Work is one of those things—along with eating, sleeping, housework, family time, and reading stupid newspaper articles—that I fit in around my training. What a luxury.


  1. Oh man I hear ya Julie! I don't know how a 9-5 person trains for IM. Likely wouldn't try. Not sure if that makes me a wuss or firmly rooted in reality! lol

  2. I agree with your point about the lady being mean. The newbies actually bug me less than the gym rats that think they own the place and all of us flabbies should just sit back and admire them.

  3. These are the same type of people who complain about people coming to church on Easter and taking all the good parking spaces ...