Friday, January 7, 2011

Ironman up

Friday: Yoga, swim 2,400 yards

Oh, man, I love Friday morning yoga. I went in stiff and achy, and when I came out, the only thing that still hurt was my blister. Plus I stayed 25 minutes after class just chatting with people. We "work from homers" need that kind of socialization once in a while to keep us from going feral.

So I've hit the end of Week 15 on the training plan and just copied down Week 16 into my schedule. Uh-oh. Lots of hours coming up. A 13-hour training week doesn't sound so bad, but when you look at the details, and then try to fit the rest of your life around them, well, it's intimidating.

But deep breath. These weeks are only getting longer, so it's time to Ironman up.

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