Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Piling on the miles

Wednesday: Run 9.5 miles, bike 18 miles

I had a rest day scheduled today, but my husband convinced me I should move it to Saturday so I can attend at least one day of our son's swim meet this weekend. That means a three-hour workout today, a three hour and 40 minute workout tomorrow, two and a half hours on Friday, and then that swim meet. I guess I can do that, my dear. Just don't expect me to drive.

But hey, I'm a little excited about today's workout (she said before the exhaustion kicked in completely). I ran more than 9½ miles in an hour and 55 minutes, which is (I don't know, math, math, math) something like almost a 12-minute mile! For two hours! Then I got on my bike and was actually able to hold the suggested 75% heart rate for the suggested half-hour before starting to cool down. That has never happened before because my legs always pooped out. Could this signal the appearance of the fabled "biking legs" at last?


  1. the gains you're gonna start making'll make your jaw drop ... when you aren't fighting that bone-tired-I-need-sleep-NOW feeling. enjoy it! :D