Thursday, January 20, 2011

Why I skipped yoga

Thursday: Swim 2,700 yards, bike 11 miles

I realized that I didn't actually have a four-hour block of workout time today, so I had to switch my workouts around again. That meant no yoga class to go along with this "easy" day (because there's nothing good on a Thursday that meets later than 5:15 a.m.). Then I got a brainstorm that my husband could add a yoga video to his Netflix queue and I could "Watch It Now." The pickings were slim, though. Of the 10 available yoga videos, one was for pregnancy, three were "hot hunks in trunks" yoga, one was just 10 minutes long, and the rest were all for depression or stress or the pursuit of oneness with the inner light of universal peace and goodness.

That's OK. Tomorrow's ride could be kind of a killer, and the extra rest might be a good idea.


  1. Thanks - you just saved me the frustration of checking Netflix for Yoga videos :-)

  2. I don' get why yoga has to be that way! I go way out of my way to avoid saying "namaste" unless I am actually saying hello or goodbye to someone in actual India.

  3. bus - Yeah, don't check, because I think I got the numbers and names wrong, forgetting that this post was easily fact-checked by anyone with Netflix. And my husband informs me that it was actually closer to "dongs in thongs" (that's a quote from him) than "hunks in trunks." Frightening.

    yrmama - Glad I'm not the only one. At the end of class when everyone else reverently murmurs "namaste," I generally chirp out, "Thanks, Sharon!" I'm such a freak. :)