Sunday, January 2, 2011

Harsh reality

Friday: Yoga, run 6.5 miles, bike 12 miles
Saturday: Bike 32 miles
Sunday: Run 5 miles, yoga

My mom rang the doorbell at 1 p.m. today, and she ended up letting herself before anyone got to the door because nobody really wanted to answer it. We were all still in our pajamas! I slept in until 9:30, and it was desperately needed. I can't quite believe I'm going to have to wake up before 7 a.m. tomorrow. The tree is still up, and the house is full of chocolate-covered pretzels. All my new triathlon toys are still in a pile in my office. Surely Christmas break can't be over yet?

1 comment:

  1. I know! We're still not even home and I hate to think what our poor dead tree will look like. Not to mention the unpacking and loads and loads of laundry to be done. But it was fun, that's something, right?