Monday, June 20, 2011

The countdown begins

Monday: Bike 3 miles

I finally got my giant editing project sent off this morning, and I had no excuses left to not start getting ready for the race. I started my list, gathered a few things up, picked up my bike from the shop, took it for a short test drive, and created this:

IRON TOES! What can stop me now?

Oh, right, my calf. Well, I woke up with it feeling a ton better—still not 100%, but enough that I decided I didn't need to call in Dan. I've been massaging it a lot, putting heat on it, stretching it…all the stuff I know he would make me do. It's going to be fine, but I don't think I'll be brave enough to try much running before the race.

I wanted to ride more than 3 miles today, but I didn't get my bike back in time. We had plans to go out to dinner to celebrate our 18th anniversary (which was actually yesterday). It's still so light in the evenings that I could have ridden after dinner, but then my self-imposed 9 p.m. bedtime got in the way of that. Another inconvenience that will soon be gone.


  1. Iron toes! Julie, you are going to have a great day out there, I am going to be tracking you like crazy if IM live is functioning! Post your bib number!

  2. Oh, tell more on how the tracking thing works! I am all over that!