Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Puppies, roses, sunshine, etc.

Wednesday: Bike 25 miles, run 6.5 miles

Everything today went better than expected. Everything!

I had a busy work day, but it ended up going faster than I had anticipated, and was more interesting, too. I got a ton of things done and still had plenty of time to work out.

Then I set out for my bike ride, and it was so(!) much(!) fun. I did my favorite giant hill, and I noticed that I was passing a lot of other cyclists. In fact, all the other cyclists. (If you count the one guy who sped away as soon as he noticed I was about to chick him.)

Then I did a quick transition and started on my run. It was warm, and my legs felt heavy at first, and I foolishly thought to myself that it wasn't going to go well. But I felt pretty smooth after getting warmed up, and in the end I had to add half a mile to my route because I ran so much faster than I had expected.

Plus? I don't know why this would suddenly be so, but my feet feel great.

What else should I attempt today?


  1. I believe the traditional answer to this question is 'Buy a lottery ticket'!