Thursday, June 2, 2011

And my feet hurt again

Thursday: Run 5.5 miles, swim 1,700 yards

Nothing came magically easy today, such that I didn't even have time to complete the swim I was supposed to do before I had to zoom back home and finish my frustrating, difficult, and not-so-interesting work.

I was beating myself up about it a little bit—not so much because I didn't have time to swim, but because I truthfully didn't feel like swimming, and the work thing ended up being a fantastic excuse to cut it short. Then I reasoned that if I were my triathlon coach (which I actually am, come to think of it) I would give myself permission to skip half of one workout in light of the 8 million I have fully and faithfully completed. So there.

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  1. I skipped today's swim workout altogether - I had a stomachache, I didn't sleep well last night and really I just didn't feel like it!... so consider that is good that you did half a workout rather than none?!?