Friday, June 3, 2011

One last yoga class

Friday: Yoga, swim 2,400 yards

I was groggy this morning, and a little bummed because I think today's was the last yoga class I'll probably attend until after my race. But then the yoga instructor came skipping up to me and exclaimed, "It's June! It's June! Are you so excited?!" and as usual, yoga makes everything better.

I mean, well, it used to. But it's time to steer this thing in for a smooth landing, and I think all cross-training should probably now cease.

You know, when people ask me about my training (as they are wont to do in yoga class) I always find myself parroting back to them the exact same stuff I've written about recently in my blog. It's like I'm writing my own reality, which is exactly why the Fantasy Race Report is totally going to work.

P.S. Tomorrow is the big 100-miler, and the weather forecast is still firmly delightful.


  1. I have been having an insane yen for yoga (funny how it strikes me so hard after a whole YEAR in which I perfectly well could have done as much yoga as I wanted to, only somehow did not), am sternly telling myself to wait till July! Hope your ride tomorrow goes wonderfully well.

  2. I love the fantasy race report idea. I think it's genious!