Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Twisted taper logic

Wednesday: Bike 2 miles

Today is packing day, and here is the strategy:
  1. Go into a room, and find everything in it I might conceivably need for Ironman weekend. 
  2. Put the items in a pile somewhere in that room. 
  3. Repeat. 
If I can just get all the piles swept into suitcases before 10 a.m. tomorrow, I should be OK.

The mental chore of deciding what to bring is just too overwhelming, and I think it's safest, anyway, to have everything. I'm dreading the moment they give me five color-coded bags and I have to make crucial, irrevocable decisions.

Also, the physical work of packing and prepping everything seems like enough of a workout that it would be silly to do much else, which is why I just got on my bike long enough to feel awesome and not nearly long enough to feel tired. Unless that's just twisted Julie taper logic, but if so, it's too late now.

P.S. You can track my race progress Sunday at You just need my bib number, 549. You can also follow the streaming commentary, which is fun. I might get mentioned if I'm, like, last or something.

1 comment:

  1. Smart taper move ... feeling awesome=BEING awesome.

    You're gonna do fine.
    Don't forget caffeine.
    In your bike bag. In your run bag.

    Remember this on the day ... keep going. It's not like you have anything else planned. And try to remember one time on the swim, one time on the bike, one time on the run ... "THIS is it. All that training. All those early mornings. All the missed family crap. THIS is what it's all about. You. Are. Doing. IT."

    You're gonna be fine.

    Remember to breathe. xo