Saturday, June 18, 2011

Sunny outlook

Friday: Run/walk 4½ miles
Saturday: Swim 1,900 yards

An exciting picture for you today:

This is the 10-day forecast for Coeur d'Alene, and that 70 and sunny near the end is race day. Wouldn't that be great? Bit chilly in the morning, but that's what you get for racing in Northern Idaho. (Water temp at this hour: 55 degrees.)

I finally ran my 35 minutes yesterday and also walked 25. It felt way harder than it should have, and doggone it, my left heel hurts again (well, "still," to be slightly more accurate). The right one feels good, though, so at least the obsessive stretching, icing, foam rolling, toe scrunching, and ankle circling has done some good. I know it's 26.2 miles too soon, but I think my body is just over running for a while.

Oh, and today I tried the neoprene booties in the pool. I'm not sure they're going to work. When I tried to kick while wearing them, it felt like I had no feet at all. Since I don't kick much anyway, that might not be a big deal, but I don't know if I like the feeling of being unable to kick. It also seems like they add quite a bit of drag. Now, if it's a choice between unendurably cold water that causes my toes to fall off or a drag, I will choose the drag. But if I can stand it, I'll probably go without them.


  1. With the booties, are they too big? Would a smaller size fit better and be less drag? We can still look here if that helps.

  2. Yeah, maybe, but don't bother. I'm going to try not to need them, and I doubt even the right size would be that much difference. Thanks, though!