Sunday, June 5, 2011

Angry histamines

Sunday: Run 7 miles

I decided to run indoors, where it's more likely to be free of allergens (smart), but I failed to bring my emergency drugs with me, despite what happened to me yesterday (dumb). I noticed right away that I had to run a lot faster than usual to get to 75% of maximum heart rate, and I thought it was because I'm in such wonderful shape now (dumb). But it seemed much harder than an aerobic run should, and when I had finished an hour and 15 minutes of the hour and 30 minutes, I started to feel my throat swelling up. I panicked and went straight home (smart). I ended up taking another small dose of Benadryl (smart), which seemed to help without rendering me completely useless for the rest of the day. I also skipped a 45-minute bike ride (smart).

While I moped about my stupid fate of being allergic to exercise, I Googled "anaphylaxis" to see if I could find anything to help. What I found was a lot of medical words that I couldn't quite wade through, but I did find out that anaphylaxis suppresses your blood pressure and cardiovascular system, so it would be harder to get my heart rate elevated (and dumb to attempt it). In a nutshell, the histamines I awakened yesterday were not quite through with me yet, and running just made them angry.


  1. Wholehearted commiseration from this end - it sucks! I have especially strong fellow feeling because I have been incredibly wheezy all day, and realize that those long days on the bike basically just totally whack out my lungs - I use my inhaler very regularly while I'm riding, but I think there is only so much that can be done...

    Hope you are feeling better tomorrow - no harm taking it easy for a few days, though, if things don't seem quite right?

  2. Oh dear, I'm so sorry. I would take this as a sign to take a break for a few days. And don't worry about it, because this is the start of your taper anyhow, right?