Thursday, June 16, 2011

I think I'm doing it wrong

Thursday: Rest

I've fallen off the "doing exactly what the training plan says" wagon. Now I'm just doing whatever the heck I feel like doing. For example, yesterday I was supposed to do my ride and then run (for a measly 35 minutes), but the plan said to do the run "later in the day." At some point I realized "later" wasn't going to happen, and I decided I'd do it "tomorrow." "Tomorrow" became "today," which became "later," which became "maybe a walk instead." You already know where it ended up: Yeah, back at "tomorrow."

See, the problem is I planned to go off the schedule at this point in my training, but I never planned out what it was I was going to do. I guess I figured I'd know what's best for me? Maybe I'm actually doing what's best for me? And anyway, why aren't I overflowing with energy right now, having to hold myself back from working out, rather than having to force myself out the door?

The problem is seeping into my work, too. I was busting my hump trying to finish that document for my client, and I edited 300 pages in three days. Then they told me I no longer had a deadline, and in the four days since then I've done exactly 34 pages. (But don't worry! I'm getting back to work right after this blog post! And maybe a few rounds of Scrabble!)

Maybe I just pushed myself too hard and I broke. I'm not really sure. But somehow I don't think it bodes well for the self-discipline I can look forward to in my post-Ironman life.

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  1. Nah. You're doing it just fine. :)
    And yes, you should probably schedule something for say ... August? Something easy. Something you could do without actually doing ANYTHING in between IM and then. But something to shove you out off the couch.

    Think of this time as "the mending" phase. All those tired micro-torn muscles are knitting themselves strong.

    You have SO got this!!