Monday, January 7, 2013

Day 6 progress report

It's Day Six of the Whole30, and I feel compelled to give you an update. Here's what I've noticed happening to me, in chronological order, so far.
  1. I stopped feeling like crap from the sugar hangover.
  2. I started inventing new dishes for every meal.
  3. I got desperately sick of cooking.
  4. I became okay with cooking again.
  5. I noticed my stomach looking flatter.
  6. I started sleeping more soundly and stopped getting up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom.
  7. I started having the urge to photograph my absolutely gorgeous meals to share with you all (but the desire to eat them while they were hot was stronger).
This morning I sat in the hot tub for a few minutes after swimming. Then I got up to go and nearly blacked out on the pool deck. I don't know if eating better is lowering my (already low) blood pressure or what, but that sure hadn't happened for a while. I think I'll stick my arm in the next blood-pressure cuff I run across and see what's what.

I'm eating a bit differently on this Whole30 than I have in the past. I'm strictly observing the rule about not eating Paleo "breads" and Paleo "desserts." I'm also cutting way back on the amount of fruit and nuts I eat (to almost none), which is much easier to do that now that I have an arsenal of meals at my disposal that are basically nothing but meat and vegetables. And speaking of meat, I'm also trying to eat a bit less of that in order to focus on the vegetables, and making sure to eat some kind of vegetable for breakfast every day. Which, once you get over the slight weirdness, is yum.

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  1. Off the subject but thought this was interesting. The Nov. 2012 "Consumer Reports" magazine, I'm just now reading it, says that there is no federal limit for arsenic in most foods. Then they listed some of the processed foods that are over what would be the New Jersey's arsenic standard for water (the best in the country). NOTE: These are all PROCESSED foods. There is a reason to "keep it real".