Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The honeymoon period

This is Day Two of no sugar and Day One of the Whole30, and let me just say, you gotta love the honeymoon period. We're all gung-ho about being healthy again, we've got a fridge full of vegetables and a freezer full of meat, and there hasn't been any reason to eat anywhere but right here. We discussed the fact that we have a couple of out-of-town swim meets coming up, and we were like, "We'll just bring a cooler full of good food! We'll eat only in restaurants that serve steak and salad! We'll just fast if there's nothing available!"

And maybe we will at that.

I know I keep saying I'm done making New Year's resolutions, but I do have one more tiny one. I'm not going to weigh myself in 2013. I'm not really a scale-obsesser to begin with, but I want to make sure I focus on cooking and eating right for the sake of my health and just forget about my weight entirely. And it probably goes without saying, but I'm also not going to keep track of how many miles I run or walk or swim. Trust me, that way madness lies.

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  1. Our gym is doing the weight-loss challenge again this year... I won over $700 last year. I had to weigh in this morning; all that holiday food...I gained 8 pounds! December was the ONLY month I didn't lose weight.

    I'm planning on "kicking butt" again this year. And now that I have a chance of getting my knee back to normal it will be easier...right?