Thursday, January 3, 2013


I enlisted Mik to help me make dinner tonight, and he did so with his thumb and index finger, making small, possibly involuntary, whimpering noises the whole time. And that was for tasks like "peel and slice cucumber" and "stir ground beef as it cooks." It could be a very long while before he graduates to "mix raw meat and eggs together with your bare hands."

Deep down, though, I feel the same way he does about cooking. It's tedious (unless I'm inventing), messy, and frequently gross. And it takes FOR-EV-ER. We've eaten pretty well for a couple of days because I've had the time and the will to make it happen, but I'm afraid the will is short-lived. And it doesn't much matter what I feel like doing, because another workalanche is coming in 3…2…

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