Saturday, January 5, 2013

And now back to my regularly scheduled suffering

I have probably two or three more days of "suffering" for 15 minutes and my address book will be dealt with. The final step will be to decide whether to toss the physical one entirely, which would be kind of heart-wrenching even though it will soon be no use to me at all. I guess I'm attached to it because I've had it since we first got married, and it has a cute dachshund on the front. I suppose I could tear out the relatively few pages that are written on and give it to someone else, but I'm not sure I know anyone who wants a used, slightly-thinner-than-usual address book.

So far I like this resolution, but it's not as simple as it sounds. There are rules. First of all, once I start a project, I have to keep going on it until it's finished. Otherwise I would get bored and be working on twelve things at once and never finish any of them. And they have to be large-ish projects that I wouldn't otherwise do. No deciding that "write thank-you notes" or "clean the bathrooms" qualifies. I have to suffer for 15 minutes a day in ADDITION to my regular suffering.

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