Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Filling the lunchbox

My new attempt at a Paleo lunchbox food was brownies; I know that doesn't sound like a healthy replacement for a sandwich, but the ingredients are basically the same as for the scones or for any other Paleo baked good: ground nuts, coconut oil, eggs, honey, vanilla, salt, baking soda. These just have cocoa powder as well and are baked in a brownie pan. I think they're actually healthier than the scones, because they have more eggs in them and less honey.

In a moment of clearer thinking about the leftover scones, I spread peanut butter and jelly between two of them, and Mik ate it happily. (Actually, very happily. He hadn't had peanut butter or jelly in months.) It's not Paleo, but it's not the worst food ever. I think the crucial thing for him is avoiding grains and vegetable oils—and as long as he at least cuts back on legumes and dairy and sugar, he'll be fine.

And have I ever written about what I mean by Mik being "fine"? A year ago at this time, he was a chubby kid, and getting chubbier all the time despite swimming five days a week. He had this thing where if he didn't eat every few hours, his mood got downright angry. He was also plagued by a lot of stomach trouble, which I finally figured out was an ulcer, and I thank God I did, because it spurred trying him on this diet. Things are totally different for him now. He's healthy and happy and slim and strong—and on his way to being downright ripped at the age of 12.

Can you imagine how I feel about this? M.H. and I are thrilled to be slimmer ourselves, but watching your KID go from unhealthy to healthy…well, I took a shower after typing the ellipsis and still can't think how to express it adequately.

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