Monday, February 25, 2013

Recouping and remodeling

I've been hitting the gym pretty hard lately, and I think I might have overdone it. I woke up groggy today and never really snapped out of it. At least I hope it's just from too much working out, because I haven't felt this blah in a long time—New Year's Day comes to mind—and it's kind of terrible. But I tell you, this is the beauty of caring only about my health and not some giant, looming athletic event: I can skip my usual classes, take the day off, sit at my desk for 12 hours straight (which I pretty much needed to do anyway), and have no qualms about it whatsoever. Not a single qualm. Not an eighth of a qualm.

Well, okay. I have to acknowledge that all this sitting is really bad for me, too. So I confess to an eighth of a qualm. But I have a plan in the works on that front!

When I rearranged my office last week, besides making it beautiful, my other objective was to create a sitting station and a standing/kneeling station that I could switch back and forth between as needed. I already have two monitors, and now I have the space and the chairs I need for the two workstations. All that's left is some way to elevate the monitor, keyboard, and mouse for standing/kneeling.

I was going to do it the cheap and ugly way, by propping it all up on books or whatever, but once I saw how beautiful and serene my new office was (there is plant life, for goodness' sake), I couldn't bear to mar it with piles of junk. So I hired my dad, who's an excellent metal- and woodworker, to make me an adjustable workstation. As it happens, he's an excellent inventor, too, and he seemed really interested in getting me precisely what I needed. In fact, he said he'd make me something "spectacular," and I believe him. Aren't I lucky?


  1. very lucky. maybe it will be so innovative that you can market it!

  2. Yes! I think the standing desk idea is a really good one - I am thinking about setting things up like that in my home office, where I spend huge amounts of time sitting. Evidence seems increasingly strong that metabolic effects (even aside from questions about back health, posture, etc.) of sitting are negative, easily countered by standing instead...