Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Bean Frencher!

New Norpro # 5125 Green Yellow Bean Frencher Deluxe Slicer
We were in a thrift store the other day and saw one of these little beauties sitting on a dusty shelf for $2.99—the Bean Frencher! It's for French-cutting green beans, of course, but my mind immediately turned to Pad Thai and the arduous task of slicing up pea pods to help them pretend to be noodles.

We got it home and realized it wouldn't clamp to any of our counters, but we jerry-rigged something, poured out a pile of peas, and started frenching like mad. It was a two-person job, though fun, and before long we had a gorgeous pile of thinly sliced pea pods. I got the brainstorm of cranking the onions through it, and they turned out beautifully, too. Honestly, I don't think any time was saved, but thinner-sliced veggies always taste better, so it was totally worth the trouble. Plus I like the name. Need anything frenched?

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