Tuesday, October 18, 2011

What, running?

I finished working tonight about five minutes too late to go to yoga. The gym's class schedules are not matching up with my work schedule this week at all—but the weather has been beautiful for walking, so I'm still keeping up with my plan. Since a spin class isn't in the cards either timing-wise, I have the "opportunity" tomorrow to try a short sprint workout on foot (I believe that's also known as running).

Hey, fun fact: Not so long ago—in March, April, and May, actually—I was running more than 100 miles a month. And in June I ran for six and a half hours straight. Why does the thought of running for 15 minutes tomorrow fill me with dread?

Important pizza update: I tried for pizza crust again with the rest of my quinoa flour…aaaaaand I'm over it. I was able to actually ingest the crust I made this time, but it's just too gritty and weird for me. And I'm afraid the whole experience left me negative associations with both quinoa (which makes such a lovely Greek salad in its other incarnation) and pizza (gasp). I'll continue Crust Quest some other time and let you know if I come up with anything decent.


  1. Have fun on your run - hope the feet don't trouble you too much!

  2. hey. I'm 2years out and the thought of running ... well okay, I can't actually *run* but biking... for 15 minutes fills me with dread. They don't talk about those of us that are 'stick us with a fork we're' DONE after those countless hours. My son hasn't swum OR run since '09 either.

    Sorry to hear your quinoa crust left you deflated. Try chickpea flour when you're ready. Most folks prefer it. :)

  3. Hey, on an impulse I bought quinoa so now you'll need to tell me what to do with it. See, you are rubbing off on me. Re: your other suggestion yesterday about meat crust for pizza, just think of it as chicken parmesian. That's basically it, right? Or, if you make the crust thin with the best grain there is, and indulge only so often, it's still OK, right?