Monday, March 14, 2011

About that TV…

Monday: Run 10 miles, bike 13 miles

My husband and I showed up bright and early at the realtor's office where we had been instructed to pick up the TV I won. The only person there was a receptionist, and I told her who I was and what we were doing there.

Complete confusion. Had I entered a drawing? Was I sure this was the right office? She thought one of the agents in the office had been at the Home Show, but she was pretty sure he hadn't been giving away a television. So, chuckling merrily to herself, she gave him a call, and confirmed that I had won…a CD. One of 25 that were being given away as consolation prizes for those who didn't win the fabulous gift basket. And the CDs weren't even there yet, so I'd have to come back and pick mine up another time. (Which I will surely do because Random-CD-With-Some-Realtor's-Name-and-Address is my favorite kind of music!)

My son and husband swear that the person who called them said TV, not CD, so my main consolation is imagining that 24 other people showed up in the office today demanding TVs.


  1. Bummer! But did they really say a big screen CD? Sounds fishy to me. Hello bait and switch. I might complain, but I'm not sure to whom.

  2. You won a TV from someone with a speech impediment?? That is a bummer ... and a bit fishy.

  3. I think I added "big-screen" in my head while trying to remember what drawing it was at the Home Show. I vaguely remembered a big TV there somewhere and figured that must have been it. Oh, well. Easy come, easy go!