Saturday, March 12, 2011

The annotated Saturday Triple

Saturday: Swim 1,600 yards, bike 56 miles, run 4 miles

I was planning on another water run, but my heels felt so good this morning that I declared myself cured* and did the run like I was supposed to: after the bike ride, and in the actual outdoors. I saw enough cyclists out and about that I felt a small twinge of regret, but it was of course lessened by the fact that the 3½ hour ride was already successfully** behind me.

As I was jogging back for home after nearly five hours of exercise, I could smell one of my neighbors barbecuing, and all I could think of from that moment was how fast I could get home and obtain MEAT. The quickest thing to do was to microwave some precooked bacon, and I made myself a sandwich with two hard-boiled eggs and five*** slices of it. I'm sure that'll hold me for about a half-hour.

* Not so cured that I will stop icing, stretching, and massaging, though.
** In the sense that I did not die.
*** That's one for each hour of exercise and not at all unreasonable.


  1. Wow, if anyone deserves bacon, it's you. I gasped a bit when I read "bike 56 miles." Good for you!!! I'm still sorry I can't actually pull off getting to Idaho to cheer on the big race, but know that we're rooting for you and cheering you on from here*!

    * And other places, eventually, some of us

  2. Great job today! I had to laugh when I read about the 5 slices of bacon. That's the best part of Ironman training. You can eat anything without guilt. Just don't try that sandwich Ironman morning ;-)